On Sale for a LIMITED time! WRAITH'S FOREST!!!

My fantasy YA, Wraith's Forest written under my pen name, LJ Leger is live on Kindle!  If you love fantasy and YA, be sure and check this one out.


Fairy tales and haunted woods lead us through L.J. Leger's Beauty and the Beast story of one girl with the weight of a village on her shoulders and the attention of a very unlikely soul.

Jenna is chosen for the coveted task of gathering the magical fruit to preserve the peaceful balance of the secret valley where she and many others live. During the harvest, one fruit is damaged and the task of healing the bruise falls on Jenna’s shoulders. She must enter the Wraith’s Forest, retrieve a magical blade from the specter who lives there so the valley will remain a utopia. But once she makes contact with the Wraith, her fear slowly disappears and her curiosity is aroused with more questions of why the Wraith is in the Forest and the true purpose for the harvest. If you love Beauty and Beast type fairy tales, Wraith’s Forest is the book to read. Perfect for Young Adults!



Nya Nicks said…
OMG Judith! I didn't realize you wrote YA. You go girl. I'll definitely check it out & share with my nieces!

Nya Nicks said…
Uh- duh, I don't have an ereader, does kindle have a pc plug in I can used to read their books?
Jadette Paige said…
Yep, but I'm putting it up on ARe (one day next week) and it'll be a PDF file along with mobi and Kindle.
Ren said…
I'm so excited for you! Congrats!

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