New Release!! The MacDermots of Scotland - A Mysterious Highland Honeymoon

The MacDermots of Scotland 

- A Mysterious Highland Honeymoon

Keriann McKenna

After Mac and Annie leave for their honeymoon in Scotland, things back at the ranch heat up between Arthur, Mac's pilot, and Carolyn, Annie's mother. Will this delightful older couple throw caution to the wind for a second chance at love? 

Mitch takes an interest in Melanie but after driving her home from the reception, things don't go as he expected. Poor Melanie has had too much to drink. 

Annie is thrilled to honeymoon with Mac in the MacDermot keep, but Mac's Great-great grandfather has been roaming the castle for years. After Annie stumbles into a secret passageway, Mac isn't sure he will ever see her again.


Also she has a free book out till December 28, 2015. 

Come Back To Me At Christmas: A Heart-warming Christmas Love Story

As Christmas draws near, Patty dreams of being reunited with her husband, Michael. When she shares her certainty and insists he will be home for Christmas, her children become increasingly concerned. Their father has been gone for many years. How will she handle her disappointment if it was only a dream? Do Christmas wishes really come true?


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