Day 1 - Other SP writers haven't noticed my arrival

Okay, so this the first real day of being a full-time self-published author. I have slipped into the room and no one has seemed to notice.  

Thank God.

That means, they are busy, busy working on their own journey.

Goals for today:

1) Write, at least, 500 words.  This has been the hardest part. I have been so down about the publishing world and my writing that I have not been working on anything. That changes today!!

2) Found cover for this book.  Start saving to buy.

3) Check out blogs and promo spots to get the word out when it's time to release.  Start list.

I LOVE lists.  They help so much when I need to keep things straight. 

This feels so much better than worried about who should I send the book to, or how long it should be to fit, or OH, GOD, I can't put that in the book type deal.

Runs off, cackling madly...


Ren said…

You've got this :)
I'm rooting for you, every step of the way xoxo
Judith Leger said…
Thanks, Love!

Moving on up!!!

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