Rough Decision

Some things you automatically know is the right option to choose.

Some are more difficult.

Some seem impossible while others are super easy.

I have been struggling for the last few years with my writing.

Truly struggling to the point of asking why I even try.

So, two days ago, I received a rejection from a major romance publisher.  On a submission I'd been waiting to hear about for the last nine months.

Was it a shock?

No, not really.  I had assumed, whether subconsciously or not, that the publisher would not want the book.  Still, there was a message of hope there that for once, I'd written something that 'fit'.

It didn't.

Was I upset?


Was I angry?

Not really, except for the fact I had to wait 9 months to hear from them and that was only because I contacted them on the status of the submission.

If they didn't want the book, why not let me know sooner?  Why tie me and the story up for almost a year?

So, as with all things, there are new beginnings when old things end.

My new beginning is a very conscious decision to go strictly self published.

I am going to start putting out stuff I have held on to for a while in hopes of finding a publisher where the work would 'fit'.

It was a hard decision.  A scary decision but one I am really excited about.

My life, my writing, my effort and my timeline.

No more waiting.




I will do the best I can with the talents I am blessed with and move forward.


Brita Addams said…
Do what is right for you. I support that. I put out five books that had bounced around from one closed pub to another. Best decision I made for those books. Hugs, honey.
Judith Leger said…
Thanks, Brita! That means a lot to me. I really feel like this is the best decision for me.

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