Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hey Authors, have you ever been frightened?

Terrified that your skills, love and desire for writing is waning?

I love to write.  I really love it.

But...sometimes, I actually wonder why I'm in this business. It's heartbreaking, embarrasing, terrifying, and most of so very awesome.

It make you come to life when you are creating a piece of art.

I've been having some really weird dreams lately. Of space aliens in golden masks that move faster than hummingbirds, of Paul Bunnion type men who are there to destroy them. Thing is the guys who want to kill the aliens are the bad guys and the aliens are the ones who are lost and don't get what's happening.

Told you it was weird.

I've been struggling to focus and get my groove on. I thought for sure I had it right then WHAM something happens and knocks the air right out of my sails and now I'm floundering.

Trying to refocus and move forward.

Have any of you guys ever reached the point of not knowing which way to turn?

Friday, March 21, 2014

Jerri Drennen Dark Moon Magic

Check out Jerri's book.  

It's offered free on Amazon today so be sure and grab a copy!  

Practicing wiccan Regina Moon is starting over in the tiny town of Groves, Arkansas, hoping her New Age shop will succeed despite her friends objections. A ritual-type killing of a local man transforms the quiet little community into 1692 Salem, with all eyes on her, and has the sheriff, Trace Langston not only trying to solve a murder but disbanding a mob of angry townspeople hell-bent on burning her at the stake. In all the upheaval, a cold case, sealed within a circle, is unearthed, and an evil no one knew existed revealed.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Benefit book sale for Hydro Angels Over America

P.O. Box 524
Camden, New Jersey 08101
(856) 534-2682

Supporting infants to the elderly living with HYDROCEPHALUS. For more information visit the “Books For Brains” tab at www.brokenbarspublishing.com

Available now for $15.00 (+4.00 shipping)
Irreconcilable Differences 'til death do us part
By Author, and hydrocephalus survivor Ronnie C. Dawson


Hydro Angels Over America


Broken Bars Publishing in partnership with the Hydro Angels Over America organization launches “Books For Brains”, to address the needs of the 1 million people who live with an incurable brain condition known as Hydrocephalus.
Through “Books For Brains” a portion of the proceeds from sales of “Irreconcilable Differences ‘til death do us part, by Ronnie C. Dawson, a Hydrocephalus survivor will be donated to the Hydro Angels Over America, a national 501c3 nonprofit organization to support various programs for everyone from infants to the elderly that are living with Hydrocephalus.
For more information on “Books For Brains” or to support the project please visit www.brokenbarspublishing.com and click on the “Books For Brains” tab.  Also, if you or someone you know is living with Hydrocephalus, and is looking for an organization to assist you to with information or to get your needs addressed, please feel free to reach out to Hydro Angels Over America at www.hydroangelsoveramerica.org