Monday, September 29, 2008

September's Almost Over!

Yes!!! I'll be glad to start a new month and hopefully accomplish a lot more this month. New priorities, goals and, hopefully, more writing than I did last month.

Update on what I've been up to for the last week. Still waiting on my edits for LOVE'S TRUE ENCHANTMENT. Hoping to have them soon.

Stuck on a love scene with my werewolf story. (God, I hate having to write one of those scenes, especially when my mind is in the living room while the story is set in the bedroom. Go figure.) Besides, I don't like it when I reach an intimate point and then my characters turn to stare at me like I'm the outsider. Their staring lasts for about a minute then, my fingers posed over the keyboard, I ask, "What??"

My hero calmly replies, "Do you mind? We'd like a little privacy."

Shocked, I blink in disbelief before I respond, slightly peeved that they would rebel in such a way with me! "Uh, I don't thing so. This scene is in the book, big boy, so get a grip (on whatever you desire) and go for it!"

Well, obviously, they're more stubborn that I am, because sleep soon demands my attention and I either miss out on all the good stuff with them laughing their asses off at me, or they are frozen in the same place I left them just before I went to bed.

This week, I have to convince them to share with me so I can send this story in.

After that, I want to work on a story I've been tinkering with. ANGEL AND THE DEMON. Not a typical love story, but so far my crit partners seem to really love my hero. So that is a good sign! Now, that hero has NO problems shedding cloths, bedsheets or anything else that prevents me from viewing his vigor! LOL! Some men!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Distractions in Writing!

Name one distraction.

Hum, okay, let's see...Oh, oh, I know, I know.

Having a hurricane come and knock on your door! That will definitely disrupt your creative muse as it's trying to compose a best selling novel! Yes, yes, that is definitely the thing!

Seriously, for two weeks in a row, I tried to finish up my current WIP and both times my plans were zonked by the forces of nature. First, Gustav, who made me leave my home and go to Arkansas, then came Ike. We stayed at home with that one. But we were without electricity for a couple days.

Do I have to say that the creative juices just refused to flow? No, they stopped completely. So this week, I am hoping to finish up the little werewolf story I'm writing, send it off and then hope for the best! For the story and also that another storm doesn't come in anymore for the next ten years! I could use some less stressful summer and early fall months. I really can.

So everyone, please send me positive thoughts that I can focus enough to finish this story up! I need it!