Monday, September 29, 2008

September's Almost Over!

Yes!!! I'll be glad to start a new month and hopefully accomplish a lot more this month. New priorities, goals and, hopefully, more writing than I did last month.

Update on what I've been up to for the last week. Still waiting on my edits for LOVE'S TRUE ENCHANTMENT. Hoping to have them soon.

Stuck on a love scene with my werewolf story. (God, I hate having to write one of those scenes, especially when my mind is in the living room while the story is set in the bedroom. Go figure.) Besides, I don't like it when I reach an intimate point and then my characters turn to stare at me like I'm the outsider. Their staring lasts for about a minute then, my fingers posed over the keyboard, I ask, "What??"

My hero calmly replies, "Do you mind? We'd like a little privacy."

Shocked, I blink in disbelief before I respond, slightly peeved that they would rebel in such a way with me! "Uh, I don't thing so. This scene is in the book, big boy, so get a grip (on whatever you desire) and go for it!"

Well, obviously, they're more stubborn that I am, because sleep soon demands my attention and I either miss out on all the good stuff with them laughing their asses off at me, or they are frozen in the same place I left them just before I went to bed.

This week, I have to convince them to share with me so I can send this story in.

After that, I want to work on a story I've been tinkering with. ANGEL AND THE DEMON. Not a typical love story, but so far my crit partners seem to really love my hero. So that is a good sign! Now, that hero has NO problems shedding cloths, bedsheets or anything else that prevents me from viewing his vigor! LOL! Some men!


Kada said...

I haven't had any shyness from my characters so far, but they're currently asking each other questions I don't know the answers to yet.

Am definitely getting the hostile stares from them as they've been frozen at the dinner table for weeks now. Poor buggers.

Judith Leger said...

So true, Kada, so true. It's like you're forcing them to do something they really don't want but YOU know they have to so the story can move forward. Find the answers! You can do it!

Gina Ardito said...

Is there anything worse than characters who won't cooperate? (Well...children and husbands come to mind. And since they're real, we can't really bend them to our will, can we?)

Hang in there, baby. Jump ahead. Play around with different scenarios. Threaten to hide them in a drawer. They'll come around to your way of thinking eventually.

Happy October!

And I looooooooove the new graphics! Great minds think alike. I redid my website today. LOL!

Chumplet said...

The new site looks super, kiddo!

My characters are hibernating somewhere. I have to go dig them up...

Ellie Heller said...

I hope they tell you soon their 'preferences' so you can get things down correctly! :-)

Stubborn at times, arent' they? But they make the writing about them all that much more fun.

Christina Phillips said...

LOL on your Demon hero having no problem shedding his clothes bedsheets or whatever!!! As for his vigor, oh my!!!

Ali Katz said...

Love the site, Judy. Especially the way you matched the text with those eyes.

A shy werewolf? My, my, can't wait to meet him.

Cheri said...

LOL on the privacy issues.

Tell him to get over it or you'll put them out on Santa Monica Highway to do their thing.

Judith Leger said...

Thanks, Ladies!

Freeway, hummmm, dangling off a cliff above a football stadium, wind gusting over their bare bodies, and thousands, no, millions of eyes are on them!! I betcha that'll get their sex drives in gear!

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

LOL! Love it...the post and the comments.

Blog looks great, Judy.

Glad to see you're up and running with it again.

Hey authors, I'm starting a NEW FEATURE on my blog called Saturday Spotlight.

Every Saturday I'll spotlight a different author and his/her book(s). Some authors will return at various times with a different title.

Gonna be fun!

Check it out.


Regina Carlysle said...

Love your blog, Judith! It sooo rocks. I'm in the same spot as you with my WIP. Right smack in the middle of a sex scene and I just "backed off". So weird when that happens. Gotta shake it off and move forward.