Saturday, January 26, 2013

Want an Awesome Read? Laurie Breton's Coming Home

If you want a fantastic, heartwarming read, then be sure to check this book out.  Laurie Breton is a fabulous author who writes some great keepers.

Also, on January 26 and 27 (this weekend), Coming Home will be up on Amazon for free!  So be sure and grab a copy for a great read!

From the USA Today bestselling author of FINAL EXIT comes a breathtaking novel about love, friendship, and the fine line between the two.

The year is 1974, and aspiring songwriter Casey Bradley is just eighteen years old when handsome, charismatic singer Danny Fiore sweeps into her life and turns it upside down.  The first time she looks into Danny's turbulent blue eyes, Casey is ready to toss aside her entire future for a man who will almost certainly break her heart.

Together with guitar wizard Rob MacKenzie, Casey writes the songs that catapult Danny to a fame beyond their wildest imaginings.  But life with Danny isn't what she expected.  The road to success is loaded with land mines, and rivers of darkness flow through her troubled marriage.  Every time Danny breaks her heart, it's Rob who picks her up, dusts her off, and glues the pieces back together.

It isn't until she suffers an unimaginable loss that Casey begins to question who she is and what she really wants from life. As she searches for herself amid the wreckage, she discovers the bittersweet truth that the choices a woman makes at thirty can differ vastly from those she made at eighteen.

COMING HOME is a poignant story about the seasons of a woman's heart, and the roundabout route we sometimes have to take to get to where we're meant to be.


Hope everyone picks up a copy!

Happy Reading!

Judith Leger

Friday, January 25, 2013

Voting Open to Readers

The Romance Studio is opening the CAPAs to votes from readers.  They will take the readers choice into consideration when deciding on the categories for these books.

Vote here at The Romance Studio!

Please, please, please go and vote for Enchanted under the fantasy category.  The vote link in on their main page under the paragraph explaining how it works.

She knows how to unravel secrets, but getting to the bottom of this one might just kill her.

Magic is for fools, television news reporter Caitlyn believes. And she's no fool. She's determined to prove master illusionist Shay a fake. Somehow though, with Shay the lines between magic and reality blur. Perhaps it's his charisma, or being in Wales with him, but now she's dreaming of a magical place. One that seems oddly familiar... 

Shay hides a terrible secret. He's to blame for Caitlyn's separation from her family and the world she doesn't remember. She must go home to the Sidhe, and to recover his honor, he must be the one to bring her. He'll willingly lose everything he is to help her break the curse binding her. But time is of the essence--the old evil has surfaced. He must make Caitlyn believe in magic, and his love, before she becomes its prey.

A Lyrical Press Fantasy Romance

Judith Leger

Thursday, January 10, 2013

H.C. Brown - Dragonfae

My good friend, H.C. Brown has a brand new release. It's about dragons!  I love dragons and H.C.'s voice!  If you want a hot and awesome book, then be sure and check this one out.  You'll love it.

Buy link:


Dragonfae & The Soul Catcher
Book one in the Dragonfae Series

After finding a dragon shape shifter, trapped in a magyck circle, Thalia succumbs to the erotic pull of this ethereal being. She must confront her fear of men and help Lumos, the Dragonfae, find his way home.

Thalia of Broclarre’s life deteriorates into chaos from the moment King Garro blames her for the queen’s death. Branded a Soul Catcher, brutalized by the king’s guards, and banished with her cat, Brew, she fights for survival in the Singing Forest. Each night she sings to her dream lover, the Nightdragon, to come to her.

Lumos’s life is wonderful. His bed is never empty. Many faeries flock to pamper the delicious Dragonfae before meets the challenger for the rule of Drakka in a fight to the death. Each day is bliss until his alter ego, the Nightdragon, hears the Dragonsong of his mate. Lumos, now consumed with love for the girl who haunts his dreams, leaves Drakka to search for Thalia.

Unbeknown to Lumos, the evil Magus of Fullmount used Thalia’s song to lure the Dragonfae away from Drakka and the challenge. Trapped in a magyck circle without his powers or the ability to shift into the Nightdragon, Lumos is helpless. He has to use all his masculine charms to convince the terrified Thalia to trust him.

If Lumos misses the challenge, Drakka will fall into the hands of the Magus. Is Lumos’s love for his terrified mate strong enough to repair the damaged Thalia? Creatures from the Darkside block them at every turn. Will Thalia trust Lumos enough to fight by his side and help him return to Drakka in time for the challenge? Or will she run screaming from the handsome Fae who morphs into the Nightdragon?


Copyright © H.C. Brown, 2012
All Rights Reserved, Total-E-Ntwined Limited, T/A Total-E-Bound.
Excerpt From: Dragonfae & The Soul Catcher

DrakkaLumos stretched on the soft sheet, the delectable taste of Lucinda lingered on his tongue. He licked his bottom lip. The heavy scent of feminine arousal caused his cock to fill, igniting an urgency to take her again. Gods, of late, no female satisfied him for long. Tomorrow I will invite those sweet things visiting from Draconia to my bed. He smiled into the darkness, enjoying the languid weightlessness from a night of indulgent sex. Under his palm, the female’s belly quivered at his touch, the Faerie’s peach-fuzz skin an erotic delight. Raised up on one elbow, he gazed at Lucinda. Moonlight bathed her body, turning her sweat-soaked skin into the finest alabaster. The Faerie held her lips in a swollen pout. Her long, platinum hair stuck to her cheeks, and spilled down her back to curl around her heart-shaped bottom. Lumos skimmed a path to Lucinda’s pert breast and fondled the Faerie’s rosy nipple.

I am insatiable. Gods, he had enjoyed the pleasure of three Faeries this eve before Lucinda had demanded his undivided attention. All had come to his bed to ease the worry of the upcoming battle—the Nightdragon would soon have to defend the kingdom of Drakka with a fight to the death.

He bent to suckle the cherry tip. I have over six months and many sweet Faeries to bed before I meet Kird. The dragon inside him stirred. The connection boomed in Lumos’ mind. The voice of the Nightdragon disturbed his thoughts.

'Lumos, put aside your lust and listen.'

Lumos lifted his head. No sound echoed through the stillness of the palace. 'Listen to what? Go back to sleep, I’ll not have you disturb my rest.'

'We are not asleep.' The Nightdragon pushed harder against Lumos’ consciousness. 'Do you think I sleep while you indulge your lust? In truth, I find it quite intoxicating, although I do not experience any pleasure.'

The dragon chuckled. 'Now I have your attention, do listen. Can you not hear the melody carried from afar?'

With a grunt, Lumos turned his head and caught a lilting song as if carried on the breeze, yet no wind brushed his face. The voice, female, alluring, curled around Lumos’ heart in a lover’s embrace. Flames of wicked, sensual delight licked up the inside of his thighs to caress his balls. Gods, what is happening to me? Gasping, he sat on the edge of the bed. His mind filled with a sweet gentle voice.

'Dragon of the moon, I see your shadow as you search the night.
Come to me, with skin of darkness, eye of green.
Take me—honour me, for I am yours.
I beg you, Nightdragon, save me from my plight.'

The dragon inside him roared. Smoke poured from Lumos’ nostrils. He slid from the bed and strolled to the balcony. The hint of a breeze cooled his heated skin. Turning his head to catch the melodic tones of an angel, he gazed far into the distance. 'What is that? The song befuddles my brain, yet is strangely compelling. Gods, I think I’m dying of pleasure.'

Far in the distance, the female’s voice continued to seduce him with deep longing. A desire like no other compelled him to rush to her side.

'Lust consumes me. What is this song, dragon?'

'It is the Dragonsong. Fly, Lumos, set me free.'

Lumos unfurled his wings, confused by his dragon’s request. 'The Dragonsong is a myth, some trick to lure us from Drakka.'

'No, Lumos, this is no falsehood. Our mate calls to us, and every second we waste arguing, her song drifts out of reach. If I take to the sky, I may be able to determine which direction to take.' The Nightdragon brushed against Lumos' mind. 'Fly now.'

'I think you are mistaken but I will do as you wish.' Urgency, anticipation and joy shimmered through Lumos from his dragon. He took a deep breath and leapt into the air. The song replayed, dancing on the breeze. His heart clenched with recognition. Somewhere deep inside a connection formed and a name slammed hard into his mind. Thalia.

How could a simple song cause such a reaction? His inner dragon acted on instinct and Lumos relied on the beast’s judgement. He opened his wings, moving swiftly away from the palace. Heat burned his flesh. The dragon clawed at his mind.

'Set me free.'

In a burst of white magyck, the Nightdragon exploded into the darkness and soared into the sky. With a flap of black velvet wings, the demanding beast circled the kingdom of Drakka. The Nightdragon’s ears strained, twisting this way and that, to pick up the direction of the song. The beast’s roars of frustration echoed through the empty streets. Lumos stared down at the rows of houses. His people lived in trepidation of the coming challenge.

Have no fear, good people of Drakka, I will give my life to protect you.

Through his dragon’s sight, Lumos watched as if he was a visitor in this massive body. Everything appeared smaller from such a distance. Indeed, the palace resembled a child’s toy. The dragon distinguished all things living by auras of different colours. The display of brilliant hues lit the Drakkan nightscape with a rainbow of life.

The Nightdragon accelerated, leaving the city far behind. He searched in a wide arc for the origin of the elusive song. Exhilarated with the power of his alter ego, Lumos wanted to stay in dragon form forever. The strength of the dragon surged through him, all earthly bounds dropped away, and he became one with the Nightdragon in the search for their mate.

The song faded, the last strains hanging for a moment of bliss in the night air. Defeated, the dragon rose through the clouds to pay homage to the moon. With air filling his massive wings, the Nightdragon glided down to perch on the highest peak. As the beast scrambled for purchase, his curved talons ripped at the rock face, dislodging boulders. The ensuing landslide thundered down the mountainside, crashing into the valley below and sending up great plumes of dust. The Nightdragon opened his massive maw and roared in anguish. White-hot flames poured from his snout and blasted the rock face, melting the granite into a shimmer of white crystal. The Nightdragon’s distress rippled through Lumos.

'I have failed to find the origin of the song.'

'Then it is the gods’ will. Cymbeline will guide us to our mate when the time is right.' Lumos had not intended to take a mate, not yet. Indeed, he enjoyed the company of as many Faeries as he chose. Drakka would surely fall if he fell beneath a mate’s spell before the challenge. Gods, he had no time for such things. 'I admit the song intrigued me, yet as it faded, so did the desire.'

'Our mate’s song travelled from far beyond the reaches of our realm and yet her voice consumed you with sexual euphoria. No female will satisfy you now.' The Nightdragon lifted his head to gaze into the endless sky. 'The goddess gives us but one mate, Lumos.'

With a snort, Lumos languished in the memory of his night of passion. Although much to his chagrin, the Dragonsong had filled him with erotic delight. What if the dragon spoke the truth and, after this night, he would have no desire for another female?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First Guest: Kandie Delley and Her New Release

As an avid gamer, sports fanatic and TV and film graphic designer, Geneva "Genny" Cass is literally “One of the Guys” and has been best friends with Jackson "Jack" Rhames since junior high. If her geeky-athlete persona wasn’t enough to keep her a dating pariah, her disdain for anything pink, frilly, or remotely connected to weddings, is sure to cement her single status.

The door to her heart revolves until Aaron Michaels, an ambitious, smooth-operating acquisitions manager, sweeps her off her feet and tries to uncover the sexy, vixen burrowing inside her. But while Aaron is away on a business trip, Geneva pairs up with Jackson to celebrate the new year. A few days of reminiscing about the good ol’ days, spark more than a little curiosity about what might have been, and a single kiss between friends, changes everything.

About the Author:  

Delley is author of 5 books, including the paranormal suspense short story compilation, Tempestuous Tales  and the eBook Getting Started on the Web for Writers–  a guide book for writers  on maintaining their digital brand and personal finances.  She is also an accomplished actor, musician and voice over talent.  Her corporate career consists of more than eighteen years in cash management ranging from commercial accounting to international treasury research.

Kandie has published articles and interviews on renowned and award winning talents, including musical legend Lionel Richie, motivational speaker Valorie Burton and TV and film stars Brian J. White, Brigitte Kingsley and Hollywood movie stuntman Ilram Choi.  She has assisted in the management and promotions of best-selling authors, musicians and actors through her design company, KanDel Media.

To learn more, visit her website at

Buy links listed below

Purchase Links: 
Barnes and Noble:

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Goals for 2013

Writing wise?

My goal this year is to have about 3 to 4 maybe 5 projects complete and in the hands of editors. Hopefully, I will find homes for them.

Also, for this year, I want to improve my writing even more. I want to reach deeper and search harder for better and tighter ways to put my words onto paper.

Living wise?

I want to taste the sweet nectar of what every day will bring. I want my happiness to continue. I desire my children to be happy and successful in what ever they chose to do. I want another wonderful, incredible year with the man I love. This will make us 35 years in May. That's a lifetime together. I want another one, too.

So, what are you goals?  Do you want something special? A writing goal? A life goal? The bucket list fulfillment?  Let me know.

Judith Leger

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

I can't hardly believe 2012 is over with.  Don't get me wrong. I was hoping it would end soon but now it's the start of a whole new fresh year.

Nope, I don't have any resolutions to start out with for this year. I'm not even going there.

I just hope everyone has a very blessed upcoming year and that we can have plenty of peace and love.



Judith Leger