Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Heart's Reunion is out!!

Do you like spooky paranormal stories? Be sure to check this story out from The Wild Rose Press!!


Pychic/paranormal researcher, Sabre Nichols attends her great grandmother’s funeral. She assumes she’ll stay a week at the old homestead on Witch Mountain to close the house then she’d return home. But her plans crumble after strange events occur on the mountain. The sight of a ghostly man, face frozen with terror at an unknown specter, ignites Bre’s curiosity. Even her late Granny’s tenant seems to have other plans for her.

Micah McGregor hides a secret behind his brilliant blue gaze. She’s memorized by the sexy half Native American and the attraction increases each day. He seems familiar to her, as if her heart has found it’s mate. Should she find the source of the spectral activities? Is there truth behind the tales of a witch in her heritage? She turns to Micah to discover the answers but can she trust him enough for her heart to unite with his?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Stella Cameron's Scarlet Boa Contest Winner is...Me!!!

I just want to say thank you to all the wonderful people who voted for my entry. I am so ecstatic to have won the contest. It was announced last night during Writespace chat.

Here's the link to see the winning listings!

Scarlet Boa Winners!

Congrats to ALL the people who entered. Takes a tremendous amount of courage to bare your soul for strangers to read. There was some great competition and I am really honored that I was chosen out of the finalists. Congrats to the three honorable mentions!

Love y'all,