Friday, May 18, 2012

To Agent or Not?

I had a recommendation today to submit a book to an agent.  This is wonderful but in today's marketing, is this feasible?

Agents used to be a method to reach the larger presses. Now, seems like they're hungry cause the epubs are leading the pack with sales. Times change with the advent of easier forms of submissions to epubs.  Online is the best way to go when an author is out shopping for a buyer for their book.

So is an agent feasible in the e-publishing world?  I'm teetering on the edge here.  Would love to hear any feedback/opinions/personal experiences on this matter.

Oh BTW, today is my 33 year anniversary.  Yep, me and the old man have been together for a long time.  Who knew...

Peace and Blessings,

Thursday, May 3, 2012

In Memory of My Mom

Mother's day is right around the corner. During the last nine years, I think often of my mother.  She went to meet my Dad on June 15, 2003, Father's Day that year.

I still miss her but I know she's in a much better place.

She suffered from Alzheimer's.  This was a very difficult time for me and my sister. So in a way to help overcome my grief, I wrote a short essay about her death.

If you would like to read it, please go to Angie's Diary. 

It helped me to heal and move forward just like I know my Mom would have wanted me to.

My mother was an extraordinary woman. Of course, most mothers are.  She was raised in Mississippi at a time when the world was growing and changing.  She grew up during the depression era but she always carried an air of sophistication and class about her.

So, here's to Mom!

Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Klutz Here. Just Ignore the Bruising.

You ever heard of clumsy before? 

You know, the people who end up busting their asses when they don’t mean to? 

Points to chest.  Yep, that would be me.

My family and I had a get together this weekend.  Family came and I had the grandbaby there, too. (YES!  Love my little girl.  She’s almost 3.) We have two barns.  A big one and a little one which is the one my hubby cooks at sometimes.  Well, he cooked Saturday.

I went out there with my youngest son and the grandbaby.  As I was turning to go back to the house, me and my feet decided to do a zombie dance around the butane bottle. 

1 for the bottle – 0 for Judith.  

I fell, sitting on the lip of the bottle.  It dug into the back of my thigh then I slowly did a roll to the left--which to me is amazing since I was facing the left to begin with.  In slow motion, I dropped the foot or so to the concrete where I did a little bounce.  The food on my plate…yeah, flew up and splattered.

Oh, and did I cry? 

Nope. Sticks out chest with pride.  I was strong.

I wanted to bawl like a new born but Granddaughter was watching.

And she loves her Ma big time.

She would have cried if Ma had cried. I can't stand it when she cries.

So I hopped up, exclaiming, “I’m fine!  I’m good!”

I helped to clean up the mess and prepared another plate.  I even managed to walk to the house with no further accidents.  Of course, I went straight to the medicine cabinet where I took some Advil.

The next morning, I could barely move.  There were bruises where I really didn’t think there would be bruises. But I’m good.

Just another day in the life of a klutz!!!