Klutz Here. Just Ignore the Bruising.

You ever heard of clumsy before? 

You know, the people who end up busting their asses when they don’t mean to? 

Points to chest.  Yep, that would be me.

My family and I had a get together this weekend.  Family came and I had the grandbaby there, too. (YES!  Love my little girl.  She’s almost 3.) We have two barns.  A big one and a little one which is the one my hubby cooks at sometimes.  Well, he cooked Saturday.

I went out there with my youngest son and the grandbaby.  As I was turning to go back to the house, me and my feet decided to do a zombie dance around the butane bottle. 

1 for the bottle – 0 for Judith.  

I fell, sitting on the lip of the bottle.  It dug into the back of my thigh then I slowly did a roll to the left--which to me is amazing since I was facing the left to begin with.  In slow motion, I dropped the foot or so to the concrete where I did a little bounce.  The food on my plate…yeah, flew up and splattered.

Oh, and did I cry? 

Nope. Sticks out chest with pride.  I was strong.

I wanted to bawl like a new born but Granddaughter was watching.

And she loves her Ma big time.

She would have cried if Ma had cried. I can't stand it when she cries.

So I hopped up, exclaiming, “I’m fine!  I’m good!”

I helped to clean up the mess and prepared another plate.  I even managed to walk to the house with no further accidents.  Of course, I went straight to the medicine cabinet where I took some Advil.

The next morning, I could barely move.  There were bruises where I really didn’t think there would be bruises. But I’m good.

Just another day in the life of a klutz!!!


Ren said…
I walked right into a wall and fractured two of my toes. I still can't explain that one to this day. I'm glad to hear you're alright :)
Maria Zannini said…
Ouch. This sounds like a page out of my journal.

Your granddaughter probably thinks you're superwoman.

Hope you feel better soon.
RhiannonPaille said…
Aw Judith, loved the animation of sailor moon in there, but I hope you're okay. :) I've always been a bit bad with coordinator / balance but my biggest crux is stubbing my toes. I do it all the time . . .
Vickieann said…
Is it wrong that I am laughing?
Judith Leger said…
Nope, go right ahead and laugh. I'm still chuckling over it. I still can't believe I did that.

Ren, I walked into the corner of a wall twice in one year. Had to have stitches both times. Yes. I'm that way.

:D She thinks I'm the bomb!

The animation was appropriate. :D
Amber Green said…
I slammed my knee in my supervisor's office today, but managed not to fall.

Alternating hot and cold packs is supposed to help with the bruising.
Lorraine Pearl said…
Hope you feel better.

I have a tendency to lose my balance for no apparent reason sometimes--nothing medical, just clumsy. Luckily there's usually a wall right there to catch me.
Judith Leger said…
Thanks Amber and Lorraine!!!
LJ Peters said…
I have felt your pain, literally! I was at a mall and caught my toe in a crack. Did the face plant. Skinned knees, elbow, toe and hands. Jammed my elbow and shoulder, I'm in pain. Bleeding from all of these spots. Mall Security came and I asked for a bandage and a wet cloth to clean up the blood.......THEY CALL THE PARAMEDICS! Which where I live means the firemen roll too. Yep, so there I sat with bleeding skinned knees and hot, hunky firemen to share my embarrassment.
Judith Leger said…
Oh you lucky woman! (not for the fall either) Looks around with a pout...where were my firemen? I now know things like this need to happen in public. Hugs,LJ, Hope you feel better soon!!!

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