First Guest: Kandie Delley and Her New Release

As an avid gamer, sports fanatic and TV and film graphic designer, Geneva "Genny" Cass is literally “One of the Guys” and has been best friends with Jackson "Jack" Rhames since junior high. If her geeky-athlete persona wasn’t enough to keep her a dating pariah, her disdain for anything pink, frilly, or remotely connected to weddings, is sure to cement her single status.

The door to her heart revolves until Aaron Michaels, an ambitious, smooth-operating acquisitions manager, sweeps her off her feet and tries to uncover the sexy, vixen burrowing inside her. But while Aaron is away on a business trip, Geneva pairs up with Jackson to celebrate the new year. A few days of reminiscing about the good ol’ days, spark more than a little curiosity about what might have been, and a single kiss between friends, changes everything.

About the Author:  

Delley is author of 5 books, including the paranormal suspense short story compilation, Tempestuous Tales  and the eBook Getting Started on the Web for Writers–  a guide book for writers  on maintaining their digital brand and personal finances.  She is also an accomplished actor, musician and voice over talent.  Her corporate career consists of more than eighteen years in cash management ranging from commercial accounting to international treasury research.

Kandie has published articles and interviews on renowned and award winning talents, including musical legend Lionel Richie, motivational speaker Valorie Burton and TV and film stars Brian J. White, Brigitte Kingsley and Hollywood movie stuntman Ilram Choi.  She has assisted in the management and promotions of best-selling authors, musicians and actors through her design company, KanDel Media.

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Ren said…
Congratulations, Kandie :)
Judith Leger said…
Thanks for stopping by, Ren!
Kandie said…
Thanks Ren for checking out the blog. I really appreciate it. And Judith...GIRL! Thanks for having me again. I always enjoy visiting your blog! Have a GREAT new year to both of you!
Judith Leger said…
:D Any time for you, sweetie!!

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