Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Amber Green's Latest Release.

My dear friend and fantastic critique partner, Amber Green has a new release out from Loose Id. Steal Away is an awesome story. Here's the link at Loose Id or go to Amber's site.

Prohibition. The Charleston. Hard times. Jazz. Foreclosures. Cutting loose.

Having lost everything, Twilight Amery sets her sights on Harlem, where a girl with a voice--even a white man's bastard from Alabama--can be somebody. Hopping a freight train, she joins up with the beautiful and bitter Mr. Stone, along with the compellingly magnetic Hector, two Harlem men trying to get home. Faced with club-wielding Pinkerton agents, an inconvenient dead body, and a shortage of money, the three work their way east and north.

Twilight and Stone forge an alliance of reliance, then trust, and then affection. Both try to deal with their feelings for one another while pursuing their individual mating dances with the man they both love. An old enemy of Stone's finds them in an Atlanta bordello, and issues a challenge Twilight makes the mistake of accepting.

They steal away north. Unfortunately, the three of them leave a trail that someone is finding all too easy to follow.