My Favorite Thing To Eat!!

My dear hubby is going to cook me some Garfish patties tomorrow.  It's been about 5 or 6 years since he last cooked them. I know, some of you are looking at me like, WTH?  What is Garfish?  Well, this is totally (well, as far as I know) a Louisiana Cajun recipe.  Hubby made like 200 patties for a get together last time and when I say NONE were left, the platters were empty. 

My oldest son came across this alligator garfish.  No, we're not eating this one. He found it floating already dead and took the picturs. Son is over 6'3". He wears size 12 shoes just to give you an idea of how big this fish is.  And he was on a boat so there's distance between the two. Cool, ain't it?!
Here's our recipe!
Garfish (deboned),onions, celery,  green onions, parsley,  garlic powder,  broad crumbs,  eggs,  salt and pepper, panko crumbs.

Boil potatoes. Hubby starts to cut up the onions, celery, green onions, parley in a food processor. He bought boneless Garfish so he doesn't have to clean or debone it. He also puts the meat into a food processor to shread it so that it's easier to work with when he starts combining everything.

Add all the ingrediants except for the potatoes.  When they are finished cooking, let them cool then add them into the mixture. Squash all of this together and make patties the same way you would for hamburgers. He's goining to coat them this year in a milk and egg mixture and coat them with an outer layer of panko crumbs. Once done, fry in a deep fryer or even a skillet.

They're done when they turn golden.

Can I say a meal fit for a Queen?  OMG!  You haven't eaten until you've tried Garfish patties!

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DA Kentner said…
Caught a few gar over the years, but never ate one.
This, I will have to try sometime.
Thanks, Judith!
Judith Leger said…
It's awesome. You really need to cook some!
Amber Green said…
How the *bleep!* do you debone gar?
Judith Leger said…
Hubby does it so I have no idea!

Here's a link that tells you have to do. Cool!
Ren said…
I saw one of those Garfish on this show called Swamp People. Those suckers are huge!
It definitely looks delicious :)
Cari Silverwood said…
You eat that thing? Wow. One big fish.
Does sound delicious though.
Zee said…
The recipe sounds delish, but I've never heard of that kind of fish before! Crazy Cool!
Judith Leger said…
They get HUGE, Zee and Carol. That one was an allegator gar Big sucker and if it hadn't been dead it could have taken my son's foot off. But they are yum when cooked right!

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