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To talk about my Timeless Desire novella, Savior, I need to go right back to the start of my Sanctuary Series.

Savior is set in the Sanctuary universe, five hundred years in the future where an apocalyptic war between angels and demons is tearing the universe apart. Humans are dying by the thousands, getting caught in the crossfire when battles destroy entire planets. There is one angel who wants the war to end, who wants humans to survive. Archangel Michael is one powerful being. And he has the will and the way to change things for the better.

Honestly, when I sat down to write Sanctuary, a 30,000 word novella, I didn't have some grand scheme in mind as to where the overall story was heading. All I knew was that I wanted to write about angels and demons. And I wanted to do something totally out-there different with them… so why not set it five hundred years in the future and have them flying around the known universe in spaceships?

It wasn't until I was well into writing Sanctuary that I realized Archangel Michael was the pivotal character, the master behind the scenes, making sure things got done. And as I worked on Sanctuary, other ideas started coming to me for sequels. The notion of Michael's grand plan and the climax that will eventually happen were revealed to me gradually. But now (luckily) I have a very clear picture of where everything is headed, the final battle, I suppose you could say.

Cadmiel, the Angel of Destiny and hero of Savior, appeared briefly in Sanctuary and I knew even back then that he would have to get his own story at some point. There was something dark in his background I couldn't see at the time.

Fast forward a year after Sanctuary was published (over two years after I’d written it) and Noble Romance Publishing's Timeless Desire blog tour came up. I thought the easiest thing to do would be write a book connected to the Sanctuary Series, and when I thought about the "time" theme, Cadmiel popped into my head and suddenly I could see his whole story. It just fit so perfectly.

So that's the story behind the story of how Cadmiel's book, Savior came about.


Cadmiel, the Angel of Destiny, knows better than anyone does what a bitch fate can be. Five hundred years ago, the only woman he ever loved was killed, shredding his soul and leaving a void in place of his heart.
Now Archangel Michael comes to him with a shocking and forbidden proposal. He wants Cadmiel to travel back in time and save Emilyn. Though Cadmiel wishes beyond all reasoning to do as the archangel asks, messing with time goes against his own beliefs and the very foundations of angel lore. But Michael doesn't give Cadmiel a choice and thrusts him through time and space, back to 2012.

The first time Emilyn saw the gorgeous man, she was affected on a level she couldn't comprehend. Cadmiel isn't like any other guy she's ever met, and he makes her wish love at first sight were true. But there are forces at work she never dreamed real. In the space of a day, she goes from normal, every-day college student, to a pawn in an apocalyptic war between angels and demons.

Emilyn's very life is in Cadmiel's hands. Will he risk the future of the entire universe to save her, or let her die and destroy himself in the process? / 
Singularity - available 17th October 2011 from Noble Romance Publishing
Savior - available 3rd of October, a Timeless Desire novella and Sanctuary spin-off
Read the first two books in the series! Sanctuary ...and... Severance - available now from Noble Romance Publishing.


Judith Leger said…
Love your Cover and thanks so much for guesting over here, Jess!
Anonymous said…
I love how you were able to tie your Timeless Desire title in with an existing series. These "behind the story" posts are fabulous!
Kathryn Merkel said…
As a reader, who is a self-described series junkie, I love it if a writer finds a way to link back to an existing series, when asked to write a quick story for inclusion in a publishers anthology or other theme oriented collection. I find that it expands my list of must read authors in a direction I might not have gone otherwise.

drainbamaged.gyzmo at
booklover0226 said…
I enjoyed both the the post and the blurb. I look forward in reading Savior.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com
Gabrielle Lee said…
Finding out the back story or how a book came about is great . It is always so interesting to me. Gabrielle.
Jess Anastasi said…
Thanks for having me, Judith, its been a pleasure.
I agree, these 'behind the scenes' stories are really interesting, a great way to get to know the authhors better.
Kathryn, I'm a series junkie too, which is why I'm loving writing my Sanctuary series so much.
desitheblonde said…
love the cover and book and would love to read
shadow_kohler said…
Oh, how i adore series! Your book sounds great! Thank you for sharing!
Carol L. said…
I love series books and this one is already on my TRL.Thank for the post.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com
Gabrielle Lee said…
Great post it really catches my intrest and makes me want to read the book even more.


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