Goals and Resolutions

That's the talk around town this time of year.  New year, new start I guess.  Like a new day, the dawn of this part of our year where we grab hold and hang on tight for the unknown ride toward the end.

Everyone has their aspirations they hope to achieve before the end of 2012.

Me?  I want to write and (fingers crossed here) have books contracted this year.

Don't get me wrong.  I have a ton of goals but honestly they are carried over from year to year.  Some are crossed off while others linger in the pile to be completeed in the future.

So  what are your aspirations?

Not just with writing and reading but with anything.  Would love to hear them!

Judith Leger


J.S. Wayne said…
I thought I'd start with continuing respiration.
Seriously, my goal this year is simply to keep writing good stories that I believe my readers will enjoy, get some issues in my personal life dealt with, and become a stronger person for 2013.
(To give myself a year's leeway. :) )
Judith Leger said…
You go, guy!!

You'll do it! I know you will.
Brooke Becker said…
I am a writer as well. This year I aspire to live life to it's fullest.
Judith Leger said…
Sending you positive vibes, Brooke!!

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