Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Keeping Track

Of what, you say?  Well, there's story submissions, reviews, promos and WIPs just to name a few.

I love spreadsheets and I utilize them to the fullest.  I have a separate sheet for all my WIPs.  In these sheets, I keep track of the progress of the story that includes chapter lengths, story arcs, conflicts, etc.

Then there's the sheet for review request.  I keep track of everyone I send either a request or a book to so I don't forget and end up sending it twice.  I do this with submissions to publisher also.

It's so easy in this fast paced world with all the media avenues to work with that you can become lost in what you've done and where you sent your work. I've been lucky about not ending up with a dual sub. By tracking everything I do, it makes it easier for any new release I have.

Writing is not easy, promoting isn't either so to me, having a record of what I'm doing takes a lot of stress off.

How do you keep track of your subs?  Your writing progress?  Would love to hear from everyone!

Judith Leger


Savannah Chase said...

You are very organized like me..I have spread sheets and folders with everything...I do still use the old style agenda to scribble stuff down for the day.

Judith Leger said...

I have to be or I'd get lost big time! Thanks for stopping by Savannah! You need to come guest over here. The door is always open.