Isaac Is Coming!

Well, it is hurricane season so it's not too shocking to see a storm like Isaac bearing down on my beloved state of Louisiana.

I am sending prayers and best wishes to all those in line with the storm.  I live on the western side of the state and I am hoping that the storm doesn't decide at the last minute to move further west.

This time is suppose to be a happy one with the upcoming release of my paranormal romance, Enchanted. I'm trying hard to find happiness in this moment but it's a little difficult with worry of the storm hanging over us.

Another dark cloud suppressing my joy is the recent loss of my brother in law. He passed away on August 15 of a massive heart attack. I've been with my husband for 34 years. His family has become my family so I loved my BIL as a true brother. This alone was a horrible blow. I hope the people I know and love in the path of that storm are kept safe.

I'm also hoping that once this is over, I'll be able rejoice in my book release.


Ellie Heller said…
!! I'm so sorry to hear about your BIL.

I hope Isaac stays away and you can revel in your new release, you deserve the joy!
Judith Leger said…
Thanks Ellie! I miss you baby.

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