World Survival Celebration!

In celebration of the sans event of world destruction, I have reduced the price of my two novellas Wraith's Forest and Esmeralda.

Want to go to a perfect world, where fear and hate and no threat of imminent destruction doesn't exist or does it? If so, then The Wraith's Forest is the book for you.

Esmeralda (Now this book will give you the shivers, I promise) So if you're disappointed about the non-destruction of the Earth and want to be scared a little, grab a copy of this one.

Of course there is always the out of space, another world-another life book that will help you escape the disappointment of not going out with a bang. Dragon Wish

Or if you are magic enthusiast, there the old let's hide in the Sidhe with the magic folk story while the earth around us turns to dust. Enchanted

They're all pretty darn good books, if you ask me.  Of course, if you look at the reviews, you'll see that I'm not the only one who believes they're good.

Anyhoo, have fun reading! Maybe it'll help with not having to die today.


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