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The Betelgeuse Oracle

The Betelgeuse Chronicles, Book One

By Joseph Macchiusi

The supergiant star Betelgeuse strikes. Our civilization collapses. Thousands convulse and perish. Electronics die. Aircraft plummet. Food and water are scarce. Trapped in this huge calamity, James Muir suffers bizarre visions. Desperate to reunite with his wife and young daughters, he cannot resist the command of a mysterious Voice berating him in ancient Egyptian. He must embark on a quest for ‘the Stone.’

Haunted by the erosion of his own sanity, hunted by gunmen, James joins a group of strangers desperate to escape a metropolis transformed into a burning, violent wasteland. But what awaits them beyond the fringes of the city? The Stone has a fanatical will of its own. As strangers become friends and lovers, James realizes that even if the trek doesn't kill him, he may not be strong enough to match the Stone’s baffling power.

The Betelgeuse Oracle (November 2012; Paperback; $14.99) is a sweeping saga of loss and heroism, mysticism and visceral horror. Reading this novel will change the way you see the world.

Joseph Macchiusi’s previous publications include two short stories, "Of Smelly Toilets and Wet Cheese" and
"Triage". Another story, "The Pythagorean Theorem" was short-listed for the 2006 CBC Literary Awards and The Writers' Union of Canada 2010 Short Prose Competition for Developing Writers. "The Perseids" also made this short list. His current obsessions include Motorhead, the experiences of frontline soldiers during the First World War, and the pathological psychology of Ajax Quire. Quire is the hero of another (soon-to-be-published) Macchiusi novel, Lurking in Plain Sight. He is currently at work on The Prion File, the second of the Quire thrillers; and The Betelgeuse Shaman, the second book of the Betelgeuse Chronicles.

The Betelgeuse Oracle by Joseph Macchiusi
Paperback ! $14.99 ! ISBN 9780991766802 • November 2012


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