Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Year, New Start, New Outlook and I don't mean email!

I've been brewing for the past few weeks, between painting and putting new floors in my house. My desk is in the barn and hopefully will be back in the house this weekend. By then, I will probably be ready to explode from lack of writing. I've been plotting in my head but the urge to sit down and compose is overpowering me. I look forward to it.

I suppose I feel the need to try expanding on my writing. My novel "The Changeling" was rejected by several top publishers. All of them thought I am a very talented author but they couldn't relate to the characters. Duh! Same old problem with me. Now is the time to fix that about my novel writing. Digging deeper into the characters to make them three dimensional and not two. Just one more step in that direction. Just a baby step.

After the rejection from the top pubs, I sent the story to TWRP, explaining that it had been rejected and asked if they wanted to see it. My editor there told me to send it to her. She then sent it to her reader who send back a great response to the story. Now I am waiting for the editor to review the book and let me know if TWRP wants it. There are certain parts that I want to change and fix. The editor even commented that she would work with me on adding dimension if they take the book so I do have that to rejoice in. Now to keep waiting until I hear something.

Growing with creating is part of being a writer and though it's not what I desire from this craft, it is a necessity. And with all growth spurts, it can be very painful.

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