Thursday, August 7, 2008

Romance Ebook Review for THE WITCH WITHIN

Recieved a fantastic review from Romance Ebooks blog .

I was thrilled to get a Bouquet of Rose grade on the story!

'The Witch Within' by Judith Leger

'The Witch Within' by Judith Leger

The Wild Rose Press

Grade: Bouquet of Roses


A scream echoes over Witch's mountain. A three hundred year old carving attacks for no reason. Widow Glory Sinclair fights against an unknown evil as she struggles with her growing attraction for Sheriff Will Moore.


I don’t normally read Paranormal Romance but was intrigued enough by ‘The Witch Within’ to give the genre a shot. And I have to say I was impressed. Right from the start, Judith Leger had me wrapped up in her characters lives. Glory, a widowed mother, is a strong role model for women all over the world. Living in the wilderness of Witch Mountain gives her just enough independence to prove she can survive the tragedy of losing her husband so young. Will, the local Sheriff and her late husband’s best friend, checks in on her every now and then to make sure she and her daughter are coping without a man’s protection. But he has an ulterior motive. For years he has been in love with his best friends wife and now, he would like to make an honest woman of her. But Glory’s guilt of loving another man eats away at her heart just enough for her to keep her distance. That is, until mysterious happenings begin to take place on Witch Mountain.
Esmeralda, a carved wooden statue that has been within Glory’s family for years, has special powers beyond belief. After a horrific murder, it’s up to Glory and Will to discover whether Esmeralda’s intentions are evil or good. It’s difficult to believe she is anything but a family heirloom behind her faded expression, until one night when Glory gets the fright of her life. Thankfully, Will is by her side. But will Glory allow him to remain there for the rest of her life?

‘The Witch Within’ had the perfect length of pages to keep me turning and the flow of the storyline was constant enough to have kept me gripped. The characters had just the right amount of strength, vulnerability, boldness and compassion to make them believable enough to keep them real. I would definitely recommend ‘The Witch Within’ and would like to congratulate Judith on a fabulous story.

Reviewed in June 2008, by Debby, for Simply Romance Reviews ~ Grade A.

Available now from The Wild Rose Press

1 Red Rose: Ok
Vase of Roses: Good
Bouquet of Roses: Excellent
Wedding Bouquet: Outstanding


Christina Phillips said...

What a fabulous review, Judith!

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Wonderful review! Congratulations!