Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 1 Down Memory Lane

This morning while sitting outside, enjoying the beautiful dew kissed landscape, memories of past flitted through my mind. The strongest was my favorite of any cars I've owned. Strange memory right? But still, everyone has a favorite, die-to-own car or truck. Mine was bought brand new by my parents in 1975. In 1981, they purchased a new car and 'sold' me their old car. I still smile about that car. When the time came and I had to sell it, my heart broke. Why? Because of the memories associated with it but also because I simply LOVED everything about it. What make and model, you ask?

Here's a picture. The color is wrong. Mine was a shining sexy Black! But the wheel covers are exactly the same.

The interior was wood grain and burgundy leather seats.

I'll never forget how good I felt behind the wheel. Never drove another car or truck that made me feel that way again. Strange though how some small thought will spring forth such good memories.

Does anyone else have a favorite vehicle from their past? Or even their present?


Amber Green said...

The Rice-Burner. The first car I ever picked out for myself. A 1986or 87 Subaru sedan.
I had a baby son (he's now a Marine) and The Skidmobile I'd been driving was just too small for the two of us along with his car seat and all his other paraphernalia. Plus, it was a lemon.
I went to test drive a new Justy, but didn't like it. I drove the Justy to another dealership and said, "What can I get that's more solid than this for the same money?"
They put me in a nice-feeling off-lease sedan of some sort with maybe 15k miles on it. I drove that back to the Subaru dealership and said, "This is more what I want. What can you arrange?" They arranged The Rice-Burner, which had only 11K miles on it. I loved that car.

Judith Leger said...

Man, where were you when I bought my last vehicle! LOL! Thanks for stopping by, my love!

barbara huffert said...

My first car was a 1967 Mustang that was clear water aqua. My grandmother bought it new and let me start driving it when I was eight. When I was sixteen she gave it to me. Mm, I loved that car because of the memories it held.

Judith Leger said...

Thanks for stopping by Barbara! I know, I love the way my memories swirl around so many inanimate objects!

Priyanka said...
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