Monday, May 10, 2010

A ton of news!!

BTW, hope everyone has had a fantastic Mother's Day!

First, my personal essay in tribute to my mother up at Angie's Diary.

Next is my first reviews from Bitten By Books! I received a 3 1/2 Tombstone for Love's True Enchantment and a 4 Tombstone for Hearts' Reunion! Life is great!

You can read these at: Love's True Enchantment or Hearts' Reunion.

Also I'm up at Ali Katz' Love Songs Blog!


Linda LaRoque said...

You've been busy! Congratulations on the review. Will take a look at your essay.

Winona said...

Well, Judy, you are off and running. I really enjoyed "Love's True Enchantment." Wish my copy was autographed. If I'm able to come to the conference in November I'll bring it along.

Jerri said...

Stopped by to say hello, Judy! Congrats on all your good news.