Monday, August 2, 2010

His Brother's Keeper by Ali Katz

One more day until Ali Katz's new release, His Brother's Keeper, will be available from Loose Id! Any m/m reader will definitely want to read this book! It's intense, emotional, and well, just plain wonderful. Packed with heart touching moments and sizzling love scenes, Ali has once more given us a book to remember. A definite keeper!

Here's the link: His Brother's Keeper

After six months, Jess and Sal are still living the honeymoon - sex in the hall, sex on the stairs, sex on the kitchen floor. Life couldn't be more perfect.

Enter Jess's little brother, Teddy.

A kid is the last thing the lovers need, especially a sullen, troubled teen, with far too much baggage, but Teddy needs them, and when life throws a curve, real men swing.

A kid in the house, however, means getting together is no longer just a matter of wrestling to see who's going to top, or stashing little bottles of lube in convenient places. It takes innovation - they haven't tried the laundry room in the garage -- and discretion -- hard to be discreet if your lover crows when he comes. Watching Teddy bloom makes the daily challenges worthwhile. They manage.

Their little family is just beginning to take on a healthy new shape when Teddy is viciously attacked and Sal comes under suspicion.

Now, where and when take second place to if and but. The ultimate test begins as they fight to hold fast to love and family while merciless forces work to rip them apart.

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Cherise Sinclair said...

Oh I love, love, love books about how a family comes together, especially when the family isn't the usual bland mixture. Wonderful!!!

Judith Leger said...

Those are the best type of books! Love your new one too, Cherise!

DA Kentner said...

Two of the best recommend Ali Katz's new book.
Think I should read it?


Ali Katz said...

Thank you for the lovely comments, Judy :x

Lily said...

This book is definitely on my stories to read list. The bits I have read were wonderful.

Ash Penn said...

I shall be picking up my copy in the morning. Looking forward to this book :)