Friday, December 17, 2010

My friend Lillian Grant - Guest Appearance

Hey everyone, let's welcome my dear friend from down under, Lillian Grant.  She is not only a wonderful author but a great all around lady!  If you want an enduring romance be sure and check out her novel from Loose Id, Happy Birthday, Nancy Tobin. Here's the link to find the book at Loose Id   Lillian, it's your page, do what you do best!


Happy Birthday, Nancy Tobin wasn’t the first book I ever wrote but it was the first one where I knew I really had something.  The characters were really strong and the story completely absorbed me for weeks.  Nancy shared her miserable existence, dark quirky sense of humor and the beautiful story of how her life was turned around by a man more than 14 years her junior with me.  Nancy’s life is a tale of triumph over despair, love snatched from misery and the discovery of a sensual side she had long thought dead.  Writing this book made me laugh and made me cry and I hope readers find the story as compelling to read as I found it to write.

Here is the blurb

Suddenly single on the eve of her fortieth birthday, Nancy Tobin’s not sure turning middle-aged is worth celebrating. She's stuck in a dead-end job as the boss’s bitch with only her morose Labrador for a companion. What does she have to party about? Maybe if she ignores the whole birthday thing, it will just go away.

Hot, twenty-six-year-old Jake Turner has other ideas. When he bumps into Nancy at the library, he sees a woman in need of a wake-up call. Determined to unleash the beauty hidden beneath the sad façade, he schemes to relight her spark. He wants to give her a birthday to remember but he ends up being the one who can't forget: a visit to his apartment becomes a weekend in his bed where he discovers an offbeat, unpredictable, sexually adventurous woman he never wants to let go.

With Jake, Nancy can do anything, her life can be whatever she chooses. But this new and exciting relationship teeters on the edge of destruction when her soon-to-be ex-husband reveals the reason for Jake’s initial interest in her. Can Nancy trust Jake when he finally tells her he loves her?

Thanks for dropping by, Lillian.  Wishing you a tremendous success on Nancy and all your future endeavors!


DA Kentner said...

Lillian Grant's a wonderful writer.
I'd read a roll of toilet paper if she scribbled in crayon on it.

Lillian Grant said...

Thanks David, the toilet paper is in the mail :)

Judith Leger said...

Hi David! Thanks for peeking in. :D

Hey, Lillian if you send him some tissue, I want some too!

Ash Penn said...

Congratulations on a fantastic first novel, Lillian. Nancy Tobin had me hooked from start to finish :)

Lillian Grant said...

Thanks Ash:)

Gees Judy do you think I'm made of toilet paper? Don't answer that!