Saturday, December 18, 2010

A New Decade, A New Direction

Today, I have the great pleasure of  introducing a beautiful, wonderful and very talented woman. I met Kandie a couple of years ago and my opinion has not changed one bit in all that time. She is a giving lady and I'm honored to have her among my friends.


Judith, I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my news with your readers. You are truly a light and I'm glad to know you!

2010 marked my first year in book publishing with the release of Curtains: The Collective Works and Getting Started on the Web eBooks for Writers and Actors [GSOTW]. GSOTW helps artists establish and manage their digital brands while diversifying their talent to produce multiple streams of income.

Although getting a book published is definitely a dream come true, I have to say, I'm extremely excited about this turning point in my literary career. In 2011, I will move into fiction with screenwriting and novel writing- a move that has been challenging yet fulfilling.

Novel writing allows you to dive into your characters: the back story, the story arc, plots, and subplots -grabbing details about their surroundings and expressions- showing versus telling. It means having narrative that is just as engaging as the dialogue. Creative Writers also need to learn to write tight.
On the other hand, screenwriting affords me the chance to focus on the action, the urgency of dialogue and the transformation of words from script to screen; taking storytelling to a new place of collaboration and interpretation.

I always develop my stories from what I know from personal challenges, joys and sorrow. I even include experiences from actual vacations in my stories such as my trips to Paris, France and Cozumel will be in upcoming books.

Just knowing that I have a story that no one else is designed to tell but me, keeps me purposeful. Several years ago, a co-worker gave me a card with a quote by Toni Morrison: “If there’s a story you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

That was so profound to me.I want people to be entertained but also feel engaged, as if they are on the page with my characters, walking in their footsteps.

So next year is very pivotal for me: the start of a new year, a new decade, new goals and a new direction in my storytelling.

From Tempestuous Love by Kandie Delley

“Like what you see?” Gerald’s question tunneled into Casey’s thoughts. The color in her cheeks blossomed. To hide further embarrassment she turned her head into the cool breeze and gathered her composure.

“Oh, um…I thought I saw something on your shirt.” Casey reeled her head back upon hearing Gerald’s quiet laughter, knowing her little white lie had been revealed.

Gerald was something of an enigma. His gift for capturing moments in still life had graced the covers of international magazines and branched into multiple entertainment arenas from music to film. He’d photographed beautiful people and majestic scenes from all over the world nevertheless he spent his free time in a small suburb of Dallas perfecting his craft. Casey originally assumed a man with his worldly experience would be rather arrogant or unavailable. But Gerald had a very earthy approachable disposition.

Their conversation that afternoon segued into a dinner invitation at an Italian restaurant the same day. Following closely behind the hostess, Casey felt Gerald’s palm spread against her lower back as he guided her before him- ensuring her safety amidst the bustle of the restaurant activity. Electric currents of excitement tickled the length of Casey’s back. When they reached their table, subtle gestures from Gerald made her giddy in anticipation, such as his fingertips brushing softly against her arms after assisting with her seating.

Throughout dinner, Casey’s attention tilted back and forth between Gerald’s explanations about lighting techniques used in his photography studio to vivid snapshots of their bodies intertwined in front of a crackling fire. She tried to shake the images from her mind but they seem to take a life of their own.

Staring at him from across the table, her smirk balanced into a slow grin. To corral her frame of mind she nestled her hands in her lap, tugging on the hem of her shirt- anything to distract the image of Gerald’s lips on hers.

By dessert Casey gave up trying to imprison her thoughts. Instead, she rationalized her mindset by blaming it on the two year drought in the romance department. Sure she’d been out on dates but between day job and expanding her resume into television she hadn’t found the time to truly develop any romantic relationships.

Decadent, chocolaty, rich and sinful; if someone were to enter her thoughts at that moment, they would think she was describing the chocolate mousse cake centered on the table instead of Gerald. Casey mentally berated herself. It was as though she were back in high school gushing over the senior heartthrob.

Her eyes flashed back to Gerald. She watched his tongue dart between his lips occasionally as he spoke. So engrossed in his conversation, she imagined him talking in slow motion, each syllable exploding into her consciousness. Soon all the pent up desires she’d properly contained were finally released.

“It’s getting hot in here, don’t you think?” Casey’s admission caused Gerald’s eyebrows to lift momentarily.

Casey flagged the waiter motioning toward her water glass before sliding haphazardly back into her seat. The chair rocked slightly. Gerald reached over the table and grabbed her hand to steady her. Once Casey regained her balance he lowered to his seat.

“Apologies; I tend to ramble about my studio but I think I may be boring you.”

“No, of course not,” Casey fanned herself with a napkin. “I find photography very interesting. The photos you took of me for Texas Showdown were, unreal.”

“Well you’re very photogenic; a captivating complement to the camera.”

“Thanks. So, do you think the Cowboys will make it to the playoffs?” The unexpected change of subject produced an awkward silence that sandwiched between them until uneasy laughter filtered through, taking the edge off unspoken words.

As much as Casey desired to spend more time with Gerald she knew her pending schedule wouldn’t allow for it. Besides, she found dating more enjoyable than being saddled in a relationship -at least, that’s what she convinced herself to believe. But now, of all the men she’d met since winning the crown of Ms. North Texas, Gerald by far, intrigued her the most.


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