Publisher: Ellora’s Cave / ISBN: 9781419935053 / Genre: Erotic Paranormal / Length: Novella

In the Pacific Northwest, where life hurries to keep pace with technology, a re-animated bride named Josie struggles to escape her creator.

Assassin Bane Connor wants to get the girl to the Zombie Underground and receive his payoff—a mental reset that will erase his memories as well as his guilt. But an attack by a rival faction derails his rescue, and the wide-eyed female ignites desire like he’s never known.

The newborn stein needs touch to live, and wanting her is a complication Bane doesn’t need. The last thing a killer wants is a his lover who can read his thoughts, but if Josie can love him the way he’s programmed, perhaps Bane can find a way to heal his past.


Josie cocked her head to the side and her brows drew together. His words jiggled something in her memories, but only those hidden behind the clouds. None of the images she’d learned to associate with Adam shed any insight. She stared at his sky-blue eyes crouched deep in their sockets, and his short blond hair and chiseled face, searching for meaning. She flicked through all her interactions with him, looking for patterns, and found one. “You say that word a lot. What does it mean?”

Bane shifted a fraction. His shoulders rolled forward. “I say what a lot?”

For some reason, Josie felt a blush creep up on her cheeks. “Fuck,” she whispered. The word felt too aggressive and masculine to say aloud.

Bane raked a hand through his hair, causing the muscles in his shoulder and arm to ripple. He scowled. “Motherfucker!”

Confusion overtook embarrassment, and Josie pounced. “See. There it is again! You use it in so many ways I can’t tell what you mean.” She paused. When he didn’t answer, instead eyed her like a being he couldn’t understand, she added, “And what’s a mother?”

Bane’s laugh started as a deep rumble. Then his guffaws grew loud enough to scare her. He swiped the back of his hand at one weeping eye, then the other. A slow burn of embarrassment crept up her spine. “I don’t see what’s so funny.”

Bane dabbed at his face with a napkin. “Oh babe. That dick who built you really did a half-assed job. And he didn’t try to…?”

She didn’t understand all the words, but could tell his meaning—all except the last part. Tears stung her eyes. Josie stood from the table. “Thank you for the food. I need to use the restroom now.” It was true, but not entirely the reason she wanted to get away.

Bane sobered. “Um, yeah. It’s up the hill.” He pointed out the window to a trail leading up from the dock. At the top of the hill, a brown shack peeked out between the trees. “Do you need help?”

She could tell it humiliated him to ask, and was glad.

“No. My maker made sure I knew that much.” Josie snatched up the blanket she'd used to sleep and wrapped it around herself. She marched out into the cool fall air and positioned her leg to climb onto the dock.

In the still morning, she heard Bane mutter to himself. “Fuck, I’m an idiot.”

Josie knew enough to know she agreed.


Birkenstock-wearing glamour girl and mother of two by immaculate conception, Daisy Harris still isn’t sure if she writes erotica. Her paranormal romances start out innocently enough. However, her characters behave like complete sluts. Much to Miss Harris’s dismay, the sex tends to get completely out of hand.

If you like science-y subplots, fantastical creatures, and red-hot chemistry, you’ll love Daisy Harris. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook and at


booklover0226 said…
Loved this excerpt. I've added Lust After Death to my must have list.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com
Judith Leger said…
Hi Tracy! Thanks for stopping by!
Eva's Flowers said…
Really loved this excerpt, finding myself moving the book a little higher in my TBR list ;)

Ren said…
Wow! I like that :)

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Anonymous said…
Thanks for having me on the blog, Judith!

And hi Eva and Tracey!! Nice to see you. Glad you liked the excerpt.

Welcome, Ren! Thanks for commenting!

Krysykat said…
Awe poor idiot Bane :)
Anonymous said…
LOL, Yeak Krysykat- I do sorta enjoy seeing a hero have his a$$ handed to him. :)
sweety said…
loved the excerpt!!

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