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The Wisdom of Delphi...

Time really flies.  I can't believe it, but I'm back at Judith's spot!  The last time I was here,  I talked about taking a new direction in my writing.  Well, it wasn't a 'new' direction per say, but it was me getting back to my true passion and that was writing fiction. 

I had written a couple of books prior to that post and spent nearly a decade freelancing as an entertainment columnist, but it was my first time publishing fiction.  I was nervous but excited at the same time.  After all, all the writing, I had done up to that, point put the focal point of the article onto someone else and his or her accomplishments.  

Now, even though I'm writing fiction, the focal point is me: my characters, my story, my dream.  I'm back on Judith's blog to give you an update on my book Tempestuous Tales, ( which is currently out as an eBook.  The feedback I've gotten on it so far, has been delightful and beyond encouraging.  To finally get a chance to put my stories out there and get this type of response from people is really a dream come true.  For those who have already purchased the book, thank you for making that happen for me.  

Anywho, people are 'gripped' by the consequences of these characters' decisions in Tempestuous Tales and one character in particular, Delphi Connors, seems to be getting quite the debate.  In fact, some readers have already asked me about a 'part two' because they feel Delphi's story is not finished, or as some have said, "It can't be finished!”  LOL.  

Keep reading to find out why!  

Delphi Connors is featured in the first story, Vanishing at Mountain Creek (see location here: )

In this story, Delphi returns to Dallas with a singing career that's on the rise.  In fact, she's sings background for an international pop star.  YAY!  Delphi is beautiful, smart and very much the thrill-seeker, who had a sexy man on her arm.  However, don't take my word for it; check out a little bit of his description below...

 The corners of her lips curled in soft delight as she thought about one hot and steamy weekend that she had shared with Marcus in Aruba the year before.  She thought of his bare chest and washboard abs springing from the cool, deep blue ocean and how his sculpted thighs glistening in the hot sun, invoked a fluttering in her stomach.  The memory of his twinkling hazel eyes and...

Oooh dreamy huh?  Where's my ticket to Aruba!  Haha.  But remember, the key word here is she 'HAD' a sexy man on her arm.  Yepper, Marcus did the fool and cheated on Delphi.  When you take a dive in heartbreak hotel, you have some decisions to make.  Delphi made hers and, instead of sulking about his no-good behind, she got back on the road to fulfilling her. 

What woman doesn't get to a point in her life where success doesn't overshadow matters of the heart, especially when her family and friends are settled, married, or getting married and have a baby on the way?  She got desperate, started serial dating, and eventually got stuck in a rut.  Actually, she got stuck near Mountain Creek Parkway, a woodsy area in North Texas, and let's just say...the unimaginable has happened--she vanished.   

I'm writing this blog so that we can get back to basics.  I love technology, but we also need to be mindful of staying (organic, real and intimate) with the people in our lives.  If you ever saw that movie 'The Net' starring Sandra Bullock then you know where I'm coming from.  Communicate, not just with social media tweets and likes, but genuine, pick up the phone and call someone moments.  REAL connecting.  I have friends who question me when I ask, "Hey text me or call when you make it home."  Yes, they are adults and I'm not trying to tell them how to live their life.  However, anything can happen on that short trip from the nightclub or restaurant and knowing information like, "the last time you spoke to so -and do" could help save a life!  

Oh and for my friend girls out there...please practice personal safety.  You never know.  YOU may be the one stranded on some deserted road at night with a dead cell battery, flat tire, no money, or a car charger.  Personal safety is so important.  Have an emergency and first aid kit in your car, learn to fix a flat and have a back up cell battery.  

Delphi's story is just a reminder to remember your dreams, the sacrifices you're willing to make to get there and to always practice personal safety.  That's the wisdom of Delphi's story.

To read an excerpt from this story visit:  Vanishing at Mountain Creek (

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About Tempestuous Tales: 

An urban legend becomes a nightmare when three women face tragic consequences:  an unexplainable vanishing, a sadistic marriage, and a visit from beyond the grave, after an ancient talisman grants their wishes.  Tempestuous Tales adds a modern twist to three classic short stories: The Monkey’s Paw by W.W. Jacobs, Night Drive by Will F. Jenkins and Bluebeard’s Bride by Sarah Holland, based on the works of Charles Perrault.

Paperback coming November 2011.  Download a free Tempestuous Tales mobile phone or desktop wallpaper here!  (





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desitheblonde said...

im the first and then i like the info and then the book color and then then the book cover is great i would blog on it and talk all voer the internet for it

DA Kentner said...

I have to try and keep up with the posts on your blog, Judith. Sheesh. This was a good one. Enjoyed it very much.

And... I got another idea for a story from it. =)
Now I just have to try and figure out when to write that story.

Kandie said...

Wanted to stop by again and thank you Judith for always supporting my work and to your visitors/ commenters --keeps me motivated!