Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Graphic Artist

In another couple of weeks I'm going to put out my new release, Micah's Heart. This is going to be an indie pub. The story is coming together nicely and I have gotten my new cover, which by the way, I love!

I have it in thanks to a great graphic artist, Kandie Dellie working in her new media business.  You can check out her portfolio here:  KanDel Media.

She's new and she works hard at what she does.  If you're looking for a graphic artist, be sure and check her  projects out.  You can also contact her on her website.

I'm pleased with this cover because she captured the yearning of both my main characters. It's also a very hot, sexy read so that was pretty much captured too!

Hugs and Blessings!



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It was my pleasure Judith. All the best in everything you do!