Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So far I have written two stories from dreams I've had.

The Wraith's Forest and now The Witch Within. Both were picked up immediately after I wrote them. Tell me something? I guess it does.

I believe in dreams and the messages they carry. Years ago, I would watch my Mom looking up her dreams in a dream dictionary. I don't mean these new age versions of a dream dictionary, I'm talking about the ones written to coincide with what the ancient oracles noted.

One of my favorite dream dictionaries is the one by Lady Stearn Robinson. It's great and hits the mark with the interpretations 9 out of 10 times.

Putting these dreams into stories was intriguing and very stimulating, pushing me as a writer. I started with a fragment of the dream with The Wraith's Forest and it turned into a 17k word story. I've had excellent reviews for the story and two publishers grabbed it (Chippewa Publishing for a 90 day slot and ComStar Media for the anthology, Tavern Tales).

As for The Witch Within, I was thrilled to have it accepted so quickly by The Wild Rose Press. I incorporated the majority of the dream into the story adding and deleting very little from the original dream. Hopefully, those who read it will fall in love with it just as those who read The Wraith's Forest.

Our minds are complex. Because of this whenever we receive messages within our dreams, we need to listen carefully. It may not necessarily pretain to our everyday life, but it might concern what we love to do which for me is writing. So if you have a dream and a story forms from that dream, write it. You just might be surprised what will happen.


Linda LaRoque said...

I may have to invest in one of those dictionaries. I dream alot and have a small book of interpretations but would love to have something with more.
Dreams can make great stories. I loved The Wraith's Forest and The Witch Within. Keep having those dreams!

Winona said...

Judy--Gotta get the dream dictionary. I have written many thoughts and story ideas from dreams. Perhaps, it is time for me to actually write them up into a story and aim for publication. I still love your writing. Haven't read the Witch Within yet but I want to. Guess I need to figure out how to get a paypal account. Any suggestions, I can actually do it now.

Miss you.