Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Book In A Month

Wow, I am really enjoying this book in a month. I'm plugging away and am up to 11,439 words. Also new plot details are surfacing. They are turning out fantastic. Can't wait to see how much of this book I can complete before November 30. Hopefully a bunch!

Well, I woke up to cloudy muggy weather, but the front is coming in. The sun is out now and the wind is gusting. Nice. It's cooler. I was so looking forward to colder weather. It's time.

Been running through my novel again. I believe I have found a definite publisher to submit the manuscript to. Dorchester is looking for submissions for a new line. The name of it is Shomi and it is speculative romance.
The line is tailored made for my novel One Wish. Once I finish tweaking it, I'm sending if off the my agent. Seeing the guidelines inspired me even more. Oh, yes, the stars are shining down and I can feel good vibes coming my way.

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