Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Conferences are fantastic networking places. I met Deborah LeBlanc during the Bayou Writer's Group one day conference on Saturday, November 11, 2006. She is a wonderful speaker. She spoke on promoting and not believing in the word 'can't'. Another speaker was Shonel Bacon. I happen to know Shonel and it was great to hear her speak. B.J.Bourg joined us and gave everyone some very useful information on forensic investigations. Also there was Gary Smith giving pointers on self publishing.

I was able to see many friends and fellow authors there. The Arts and Humanities Council sponsored the conference and this helped to make the whole affair a resounding success.

Well, it's two days after and I am still inspired to write. Which is a very good thing. Since Hurricane Rita plowed through my area of Louisiana, I have had many ups and downs. More downs than not. The building where I have my day job was closed because of damage. To date we have not moved back into it. That in itself is a bummer but I work for the state so I suppose I shouldn't have my hopes up for returning to my office any time soon. The powers to be have set the date as mid February, 2007.

Another factor that is spurring me forward is I am participating in Nanowrite, 2006. So far I have 10,414 words on my second book in the Dragon series. Also my coharts in writing, Jean Lauzier and Cantela Martinez are pushing and shoving me forward. I may not make the 50k this year but I will have a good size hunk of the book done. That is an accomplishment for me that I will be proud of.

I'm a member of Romance Writers Unlimited too, and that's another location where friends won't allow too much slack time. As a writer, I have to work at my chosen career. Over the last year, I have allowed the hardship to override my need to write. Well, it's time to either get in the saddle or to pasture the horse. Can't have it both ways and since Deborah clearly stated there ain't no can't then I guess I need to saddle up and ride ahead.

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Gina Ardito said...

Welcome to another way to eat up valuable writing time Suite Judy Blue Eyes! Seriously...congratulations. I'll be checking in periodically. You rock, kiddo!