Monday, November 20, 2006


How is that some people are so selfish? I look inward and wonder if I too am selfish. At times, I am but I consciously think about what I do so that I'm not putting someone out. That includes everyone in my world.

My problem is that the people closest to me take advantage of my niceness and show their own selfishness. One of my student aids told me that I was just too nice. Well, darn it, sometimes I wish I wasn't so nice. Why can't I, just for a change, have my way and not be forced into someone else's way?

I know, I know this sounds very selfish but sometimes I want to do things or want something and I have to put it off because of one reason or another. I've always put everyone else ahead of me and sometimes that aggravates me. I just don't know when to say no, instead like a quiet little mouse, I nod and let them have their way.

Oh, well, one day I will change that about me. I just hate hurting someone and to me that would hurt them.

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